NEW Directory for 2018-19 School Year: 
1) Go to: PTAvenue
2) Click Log In (top right corner)
3) In the box for Organization Code, enter: BledsoePTA 
4) When you click on Online Directory (top right) you will be asked to log in with an email and password. The FIRST time you use this site you will need to click the "I need a password" button.  Follow those instructions emailed to you when you go through this process of getting a password. 
PTA Members will be able to access this directory.  If it does not allow you to access the site and you are a paid member, email
1) Once you are logged in UPDATE YOUR INFO! We do not have access to all the info we'd like to include here so it's up to you to fill in the gaps.  Click on MY HOUSEHOLD.  Make your updates, add members (on the left) and SAVE on each page.
Here are the items we suggest updating:
 - Your child's teacher name
 - Family Members and their contact information
 - Directory Options (What people can see in the online directory)
If you are a PAID PTA member AND indicated in your Snap Code information that you provided to FISD in the summer that you wanted to be included in the school directory, then you can access and see your info in the school directory. If you did not check the permission box for the directory when you registered your Snap Code info but are a paid PTA member, then you can access the directory but none of your family's information is listed.  You may add it yourself however! 

Below, you may find all the helpful contacts and links for questions you may have.