Bledsoe PTA Lifetime Membership Award 

Receiving the Honorary Life Membership Award is one of the highest forms of recognition to let a volunteer know how much you truly appreciate their dedication to our children and our community.

The Bledsoe PTA is proud to announce our three recipients of the Texas PTA Honorary Life Membership Award this year, Jennifer Lankford, Mrs. Peden, and Ms. Buckley! Their work has been invaluable for our students and our school community. We are so thankful to each of them for all that they have done to make Bledsoe such a wonderful place. Please join us in congratulating these ladies on this special award.
Below is our history of Honorary Life Membership Award Recipients at Bledsoe Elementary PTA.  Extended Life Membership Awards are given to recognize individuals who continued to make significant impact in the Texas PTA an additional 10 years after receiving the Honorary Life Award.  Every volunteer makes a difference, and these special individuals put heart into service.  Thank you!
Year Recipient Type
2007 Nancy Bledsoe Honorary Life
2007 Brenda Long Honorary Life
2007 Shona Simmons Honorary Life
2008 Kelly Otis Honorary Life
2008 Jamie Flemmer Honorary Life
2009 Kelly Cox Honorary Life
2009 Kindra Strachan Honorary Life
2010 Angie Williams Honorary Life
2011 Debbie Pasha Honorary Life
2012 Brian Erwin Honorary Life
2012 Kindra Strachan Extended Life
2013 Elizabeth Watkins Honorary Life
2014 Usha Correa Honorary Life
2014 Crystal Morris, RN Honorary Life
2014 Jenny Morgan Honorary Life
2015 Amy Swiney Honorary Life
2015 Julianne Amezcua Honorary Life
2015 Beverly Woodson Extended Life
2016 Kristin Cagle Honorary Life
2016 Amy McGrath
Honorary Life
2017 Julia Jorgensen Honorary Life
2017 Susan Ferguson Honorary Life
2017 Lisa James Honorary Life
2018 Jennifer Lankford Honorary Life
2018 Laura Buckley Honorary Life
2018 Jamie Peden Honorary Life
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